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  Speakers JBL JBL EAW EAW   Compressors / Gates  

EAW 650z 3 way speakers (4) - $3450 ea inc 

The Z series cabinet is a completely new design over the original E series. It contains the same mid as the KF750 and a super clean B&C HF driver.


EV SX200 (4) - $300ea. 

12" 2 way unpowered speaker 200W. Perfect as FOH or Monitors Speakon inputs. Fair Condition 



DBX 166XL Compressor gate - $400

2 channel 1 rack unit, New current model

Expander gate with variable attack & decay 


DBX 266XL Compressor gate - $260

2 channel 1 rack unit,  current model 

with gate and peak limiter on each channel 


      Effects / Graphics  

JBL SRX712m (4) - $1900ea. 

12" 2 way unpowered speaker 800W. Perfect as FOH or Monitors Speakon inputs. Lightweight and tons of power handling make this the ideal speaker for live sound. 15Kg . 


JBL 2225H 15 inch 400 watt - $350 

JBL 2202H 12 inch 400 watt - $250




Yamaha SPX90-2 Classic reverb/delay unit

One of the industry standards - $470


Klark Teknik DN360 Stereo 30 band EQ. 

The best in the industry  - $2000


Klark Teknik DN332 Stereo 15 band EQ. - $420

Excellent condition high headroom rack unit.


Roland SDE3000 delay - $575

Good classic sound with long delay times.


  Amplifiers CROWN CAMCO    Microphones  

CROWN XS1200 (2 x 1100w @ 4) $1150

here's an amp with lot of grunt for the money. As new lightweight 2RU with 2 year factory warranty.


Camco 38.4 (2 x 1900w @ 4) $2460 ea 

Lightweight and powerful. Unbelievable headroom when you use these amplifiers. Makes any PA system sound incredible. Two rack units high 14kg only 3800 watts total power output for 4 ohms. 




Shure Beta52 Kick Mic  $295 

Huge sounding mic made for Kick Drums 


Shure SM94  $265 

Quality condenser mic in dark grey.


AKG 535EB -$250

Supercardioid vocal condensor mics. Transparent vocal sounds from these mics. Just had new condensors fitted. 


  Mixers Midas Soundcraft   Lighting  

Soundcraft Series Two  $5490

32/8 FOH console - 

 Built 2000 - good quality reliable console for live work.

LED VU meters on every channel 


Midas Venice 320   FOH console - $6000

 Top condition - good quality console for live work. Has the Midas sound in a small format.

Comes with a top quality roadcase


Yamaha MR1602 16 channel console  $300

3 band EQ 3 effects sends VU meter bridge 



 Soundcraft Spirit LX7 24 Ch - $2750

 As new this console is in a roadcase  and features 4 band EQ 6 Aux  4 groups + 4 Stereo Returns and is in excellent condition



Followspot 1200w HMI as new ADB zoom




PAR64 Black with 110v lamps  - $90.00 each

8 of these available



BSS Minidrive 336T 2in/6out crossover -$1900 

This full digital crossover has inbuilt limiters to protect your speaker system. Stereo 3 way. You can set it to suit any system and pre-tune it's filters and crossover points to get a great sound every time.  








All goods are supplied in good working order and we will guarantee them for 1 month from purchase.

Goods may be returned for a full refund if dissatisfied

(Freight at own cost)





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